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Lovendegem Vleugels van Hoop

Kerst Lovendegem 2010
Follow-up of the action



Christmas market in Lovendegem

We hope to warmly welcome you on the Christmas market on December 11th. from 17 pm.to 23pm in Kerkstraat and Dorpsplein in the center of Lovendegem.

You’ll find there superb hand-made Christmas balls, Rwandan cribs, also hand work, some unique in their kind, plaster `cribchildren' which will touch your heart, wish cards….

All grants which are sold for the benefit of our projects.

Offering a present, saving a life,…

You see it sometimes in the newspaper.
Someone succeeds to save a person.  Marvellous, no?

With a little bit of good will everyone can help someone. Also you can!
By sharing a little of your abundance you offer others a future, a life, a better life….
It probably will not be published, but knowing it yourself….

U can keep on helping us in 2011 by :

  • buying a cordial present at our  Christmas market boot in Lovendegem
  • or donate to Vleugels van Hoop, bank account number  001-5300142-41

    Thanks in advance for your big hart


Follow-up of the action

Christmas Lovendegem 2010